Excursions & Tours


2ND MAY 2024 

A movie show was organized for the students of classes I and II (Foundational Stage) on 2nd May 2024. The students enjoyed the movie ‘Paw Patrol: The Mighty at US CINEMAS, Indirapuram.

Paw Patrol: The Mighty is an animated superhero comedy series that teaches valuable principles like tenacity, cooperation, self-belief and teamwork. It is a thrilling and heartwarming movie that entertains and inspires children with its exciting adventures and positive messages.

Popcorn and beverages were provided to the students during the movie.

Students enjoyed thoroughly and it was a great and fun filled experience for them.



DAY& DATE: TUESDAY, April 30, 2024
On Tuesday, April 30, 2024, PRESCHOOL & PRE-PRIMARY (Foundational Stage)
students of Bal Bharati Public School Brij Vihar Ghaziabad enjoyed a trip to US
CINEMA, to watch the animated movie ‘Paw Patrol’ (THE MIGHTY). The trip
aimed to provide students with a fun and educational experience outside the
The students enjoyed watching the movie ‘Paw Patrol’ (THE MIGHTY) engaging
with characters, and experiencing the adventure on the big screen.
Popcorn and beverages were provided for the students to enjoy during the
After returning from the movie there was a brief discussion about the movie,
where students shared their favorite parts and characters.
• Students had the opportunity to interact with their peers outside of the
classroom environment, promoting socialization and teamwork.
• The movie outing provided students with an entertaining and enjoyable
experience, fostering a love for cinema and storytelling.
• Watching ‘Paw Patrol’(THE MIGHTY) encouraged students to use their
imagination and engaging with the characters and storyline.
Students had a fantastic time, and the trip contributed to their overall social,
emotional, and educational development.



22ND APRIL 2024 

A movie show was organized for the students of classes VI, VII and VIII on 22nd April, 2024. The students really enjoyed the movie – Godzilla x Kong at Mahagun Mall, Vaishali. The movie, Godzilla x Kong, delivers jaw-dropping monster brawls, a deeper dive into Titan lore, and a thrilling journey to the Hollow Earth. It was full of eye-popping visuals and monster mayhem.

Students were also served popcorns and cold drinks during the movie. Students enjoyed thoroughly and it was a great and fun filled experience for them.



16th & 18th  APRIL 2024 

On 16 th April 2024, 284 students from classes III and V, and on 18 th April 2024, 149
students from class IV, visited U S Cinemas, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad to watch the
movie ‘Paw Petrol: The Mighty.'
 The day was filled with fun and enjoyment for all the students.
 The movie focuses on values like perseverance, teamwork, believe in yourself,
help others etc.
 The plot revolves around the PAW Patrol gaining superpowers after a meteor
strikes Adventure City, but they face peril as Humdinger and scientist Victoria
Vance aim to seize these powers for supervillain supremacy.
 During the screening of the exciting movie, the students were treated to popcorn
and soft drinks, enhancing their enjoyment.
 Everyone had a great time during this memorable outing.





16TH MARCH 2024 

On the 16th of March 2024, a Day Adventure Camp was organized for students of classes III to V right within the premises of Bal Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar, Ghaziabad. The camp aimed to provide students with an exciting and educational experience while fostering team spirit, creativity, and outdoor exploration.

The day commenced with the enthusiastic arrival of 256 students, eager to embark on a day filled with adventure and learning. Various activities were meticulously planned to ensure an engaging and memorable experience for all participants.

Adventure Activities:


Students experienced the thrill of zipping through the air on a zipline, soaring across the designated course with excitement and exhilaration. This activity not only provided an adrenaline rush but also instilled courage and confidence in the participants as they conquered their fears and embraced the adventure.


Hopscotch, a classic outdoor game, added a playful element to the day camp, challenging students to hop, skip, and jump through a colourful grid of squares. This activity promoted agility, balance, and coordination, while also fostering a sense of camaraderie as students cheered each other on.

Sports Climbing:

Students put their strength and agility to the test as they scaled the climbing wall, conquering obstacles and reaching new heights with determination and perseverance. Sports climbing not only enhanced physical fitness but also encouraged students to set goals, overcome challenges, and celebrate their achievements.

Roller Zorb:

 Roller Zorb provided students with a unique and thrilling experience as they rolled and tumbled inside giant inflatable orbs, experiencing the sensation of weightlessness and excitement. This activity promoted laughter, fun, and a sense of adventure as students navigated their way through the course, bouncing and rolling with enthusiasm.

Laser Beam:

The Laser Beam challenge tested students' agility and reflexes as they maneuverer their way through a maze of laser beams, attempting to avoid detection and reach the other side without triggering an alarm. This activity fostered quick thinking, strategic planning, and teamwork as students collaborated to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Body Zorb:

Body Zorb provided students with a hilarious and exhilarating experience as they donned inflatable suits and engaged in friendly collisions and bumping competitions. This activity promoted laughter, physical activity, and friendly competition, creating a sense of joy and camaraderie among participants.

Tug Of War:

Tug Of War brought students together in a test of strength and teamwork as they competed against each other in a friendly but competitive battle of tug-of-war. This activity promoted teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship as students worked together to achieve victory.

Burma Bridge:

Students embraced the challenge of crossing the Burma Bridge, navigating their way across a series of ropes and planks suspended high above the ground. This activity required balance, coordination, and courage as students conquered their fears and crossed the bridge with determination and resolve.

 Magical Maze:

The Magical Maze captivated students with its twists, turns, and hidden passages, challenging them to navigate their way through the labyrinth and reach the exit. This activity promoted problem-solving, spatial awareness, and perseverance as students worked together to unravel the secrets of the maze and emerge victorious.

Commando Net:

 Students tackled the Commando Net with agility and determination, manoeuvring their way through the web of ropes and obstacles with speed and skill. This activity promoted physical fitness, coordination, and confidence as students conquered the challenge and emerged triumphant.

Commando Crawl:

 The Commando Crawl challenged students to navigate their way through a series of tunnels and obstacles, testing their agility, flexibility, and determination. This activity encouraged perseverance, problem-solving, and teamwork as students crawled, squirmed, and wriggled their way to victory.

Hamster Wheel:

The Hamster Wheel provided students with a thrilling and unconventional experience as they climbed inside giant rotating wheels and rolled their way to fun and excitement. This activity promoted laughter, physical activity, and a sense of adventure as students spun and rolled with enthusiasm.

Culminating the day camp, students gathered for a delicious outdoor picnic lunch, where they replenished their energy and shared stories of their adventurous experiences.



Fun and Learning go hand in hand. With this in mind, our school organized a day long excursion to Kidzania, an indoor theme park in Noida for classes I and II.

Kidzania is a safe, unique and interactive indoor theme park that empowers, inspires and educate kids through real-life role-playing activities. The realism of role-play helps children learn about different careers, work and know how to manage money.

Built like a city itself, the indoor theme park completes with paved road, battery operated cars, buildings, a functioning economy and its own currencies. By blending reality with entertainment, it provides an authentic and powerful developmental platform where the students explore and learn about the real-world occupations. Students enjoyed understanding about real world occupations in private services, public services, entertainment industry, food industry etc. Students played the role of a pilot, doctor, chef, fire fighter, radio jockey, car mechanic and many other professions.

The students exhibited tremendous zeal and enthusiastically participated in each role and learned teamwork, communication, problem solving and decision-making skills.

The trip was a resounding success and represented a unique avenue for the students to learn, enjoy and hone their abilities.





On the 1st of February 2024, a total of 380 students from classes III to V embarked on a day picnic to Oh! Max, Greater Noida. The day was packed with exciting activities and proved to be a delightful experience for all the students.

The students explored various attractions at Oh! Max, including the Jungle of Amazon, Chocolate Factory, Land of Dinosaurs, Treasure of Tut/Ball Pool, Trampoline, Unsinkable Titanic, Adventure Park, Mirror Maze, and the Secret Chamber of Taj (Holographic Show) with Music & Dance. These activities provided a perfect blend of entertainment and education, creating a memorable and enriching experience for the students.

During the day, students were treated to a delicious spread, including sandwiches, Frooti, and a full lunch, enhancing their overall enjoyment. This added element of culinary delight contributed to the festive atmosphere and added to the overall positive experience.







Middle Department ( VI-VIII) of Bal Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar went for a picnic on 6th October, 2023.The students were highly excited for their picnic. As soon as, the students reached the venue they hopped on to the adventurous activities. A lot of thrilling activities and the visit to snow park added to the excitement level of the students. Lunch along with welcome drink and evening snacks was also served to the students to refill their enthusiasm.






On 22nd September 2023 the Pre School and Pre-Primary classes of Bal Bharati Public School, Brij Vihar embarked on an exciting excursion to National Bal Bhawan in Delhi. This trip was designed to provide our youngest students with a day of fun, exploration, and hands-on learning, allowing them to engage with a variety of interactive activities and exhibits specifically tailored to their age group.

Our young adventurers, accompanied by their teachers and a team of dedicated chaperones, assembled at the school premises at 8:30 AM, bubbling with enthusiasm and curiosity. We started our journey to National Bal Bhawan, ensuring the children’s safety and comfort throughout the trip. We arrived at our destination around 10:00AM, greeted by the friendly staff at the entrance.

National Bal Bhawan has a dedicated section designed to cater to the interests and developmental needs of Pre School and Pre-Primary children. Here are some of the highlights of our visit:

  • The Mini Zoo: Our little explorers were thrilled to visit the mini zoo, where they saw a variety of small animals and birds. It was a delightful experience for them to learn about different creatures in a safe and child-friendly environment.
  • Astronomy Sessions: National Bal Bhawan organized interactive astronomy session at Astronomy Hall, where all the students were curious to see the working models of space shuttle, solar system, space station and satellites.
  • Playground and Swings: The outdoor play area, equipped with swings and slides, allowed our preschool and Pre-Primary students to expend their energy while enjoying physical activities.
  • Mini Train ride: All the children enjoyed Mini train ride.
  • Traffic Park: Children also visited mini traffic park where a traffic inspector explained the rules of traffic. The children also had a mini quiz which children answered with enthusiasm.

Refreshments were distributed to the children, ensuring they had the energy to continue their exploration. The mealtime also served as an opportunity for the children to socialize and share their experiences with their friends and teachers.

The excursion to National Bal Bhawan was an enriching and memorable experience for our Pre School and Pre-Primary students. It allowed them to engage with the world around them in a playful and educational manner, fostering their curiosity and imagination. The trip aimed not only to provide entertainment but also to contribute to their holistic development.






An excursion is not just a pleasure trip, it also enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom.

To provide such an enriching experience to students, a trip to National Bal Bhavan was organized for the students of Class II.

  • At the entrance the students were very happy to see the mini zoo where they witnessed several species of birds. They learned about different birds and their habitat.
  • The sight of the mini train was full of delight as the students hopped on for a joyride witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of the place.
  • The mirror section added to their excitement with comic reflections. This also enhanced the students curiosity making them wonder how the images were being created.
  • Students liked the Indian village scene which had mud houses, swings, woman drawing water from the well and other village people.
  • Students also liked the colourful fish which they saw in the aquarium.
  • The last stopover was a small traffic park. This park was well designed to make the students aware of various aspects related to road safety in a play way method.

        The trip was truly memorable, educational and entertaining.






An excursion trip to National Bal Bhavan was organized for the students of Class I.

  • Students liked the huge fish aquarium which had different kinds of fishes.


  • Students liked the village scene which had a well, kutcha houses and village people.


  • Laughing mirrors, which give funny and amusing images of anyone standing in front of it, enhanced the curiosity of the students, making them wonder how such images are created.


  • Traffic park helped the students to understand the importance of traffic rules and safety measures which they should follow.


  • Students enjoyed the mini train ride which had a bridge and a tunnel. They also learned the duties of a train guard.


The excursion was a successful and students enjoyed immensely.



24th - 28th May 2023




An excursion to Dharamshala was organised for the students of Classes IX to XII from Wednesday, 24 May 2023 to Sunday , 28 May 2023. The students  visited the scenic locales of Dharamshala and PALAMPUR. They visited Bhagsu Temple, St. John Church, Dal Lake, Naddi, the Dalai Lama Temple, Dharamshala Cricket Stadium and the Chamunda Devi Temple along with a few other interesting places. The students enjoyed dance and music in the evenings. It was an enriching experience wherein the students learnt the concept of sharing and team work.


19th - 23rd May 2023

Our school organised an educational trip to Dalhousie – Chamba – Khajjiar for the students of Grade VI-VIII during the summer vacations from 19th to 23rd May 2023.

Day 1: On 20th May, students reached Dalhousie via Pathankot. They all went to the hotel and settled down in their respective rooms. Post lunch students went for an outing to the local market. They got a chance to explore the surrounding and understand about the specialties of the region. Students also enjoyed the local delicacies of Dalhousie that were available in the market.

Day 2: 21st May, post breakfast students went to Chamba for excursion. They visited the Chamera Dam, Ravi River and post lunch they went to Chamunda Devi Temple and Rock Garden. After returning to hotel students enjoyed the DJ night followed by dinner.

Day 3: 22nd May, students had their breakfast and left for Khajjiar ( mini Switzerland) through Wingers. At Khajjiar they visited the Khajji Nag Temple and enjoyed activities like horse riding, zorbie nall, pata gliding. They also relished the dishes like Dabeli, Candy floss , lemonade while enjoying the beauty of the place.

After this the group returned to hotel for lunch. Post lunch we all started for Pathankot from where we boarded the bus to Delhi.

This trip gave them a marvelous opportunity to enjoy the vivid beauty of nature along with their friends and teachers.




15th APRIL 2023

Venue – Bal Bharati Public School, Gangaram Hospital Marg, New Delhi


On 15th April 2023, A Career Fair was organized at BBPS Gangaram. The career fair was attended by 40 students from class XI and XII, accompanied by the school Counsellor Mitali Chatterjee and Ms. Abha Sood. Nearly 30 representatives and counsellors from leading universities; colleges and educational institutes came to host the program. Students from BBPS Delhi and NCR schools attended the fair along with their parents.

Highlights of the program

  • Interaction with counsellors from the leading colleges and universities.
  • Emerging career trends.
  • 21st century skills.
  • Visit stall set up by the universities and seek information about various courses.

This Program was attended by Ms. Mitali Chatterjee and Ms. Abha Sood along with 40 students of Bal Bharati Public School Brij Vihar Ghaziabad.





An educational visit  was organised by our school in which 36 students of Class IX along with two teachers got this opportunity to visit the Parliament House on 11th April, 2023.

In this trip, students visited the Parliament Library, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Chambers and the Central Hall. The students were very excited and this was a great learning experience.



Bal Bharati Public School organized a day long excursion to Oh! Max Wonderland, Greater Noida on 10th February,2023 for the students of classes VI to VIII. It was an educational as well as a fun-filled trip. The theme park redefined the word entertainment to edutainment, wherein they conducted a plethora of activities for the learners. After a brief orientation by the team leaders, students started with the activities. The theme park revolved around five major attractions. An indoor Egyptian mummy land ‘Treasure of TUT’ and Amazon forest helped the students to explore the beauty of nature and amazed the students. A fun-filled experience in the Chocolate factory and mirror maze stimulated the students. Adventure activities filled the students with lot of vigor and vitality. Students were spell bound by the spectacular replica of Taj Mahal. The magical themes and live performances left everyone spellbound. Children were served scrumptious and nutritious meals. As they say, all good things have to come to an end and finally the children were dropped back to school by evening.



Tours and activities are immersive experiences therefore a two-day field trip to Jim Corbett National Park was organized by the school for the students of classes VI to XII.


3rd January – All the students assembled at the school premises at 0700 hrs and boarded the buses according to the group allotted to them. The buses departed at 7.30 a.m. to Jim Corbett National Park.  The bus stopped for a while at Gajraula Haveli Resort for the breakfast and then the bus reached at Winsome Resort at lunchtime. Upon arrival, after lunch the students enjoyed free time activities in the Resort. They enjoyed the evening with bonfire, live singing at and DJ followed by dinner and overnight stay.


4th January –  All the students along with the teachers went for Jeep Safari at 7 a.m., to appreciate the wild animals, flora & fauna found in the national park. After the safari, the students had sumptuous breakfast in the Resort.  Students and teachers checked-out from resort and board buses for school. The bus then halted for lunch at Gajraula Haveli Resort and finally arrived at the school by 7 P.M. Overall it was an enthralling and great learning experience for the students. They learnt to be confident, independent and to face different challenges bravely in their life.





Place visited:                    Museo Camera Centre for Photographic Arts

Day/ Date of Activity:      Sunday, 30th October 2022

Participating Classes:        IX

To integrate Experiential Learning and promote active participation among students, an Educational Excursion to Museo Camera for Photographic Arts, Gurugram, Haryana was organized on Sunday, 30th October 2022.

The students witnessed an exhibition ‘Drishti 2.0’ showcasing the work of 41 photographers with rich, diverse, and amazing images. The exhibition covered various types of photography including fine arts, food, fashion, portrait, product, events, sports, and wildlife photography.

The museum, with the guidance of Mr. Aditya Arya, enlightened the students about the history of cameras and photography. He explained the skills of an expert photographer and exhibited that every photo has its story which will help people identify themselves. Photography reflects our life and emotions. Every picture has a different story and shows a different way of looking at life. The students learned to grasp the tricks spontaneously and responded with zeal and enthusiasm.



To promote Experiential Learning and teach students the true meaning of solidarity, 77 boys of class IX along with 4 teacher escorts of BBPS BRIJ VIHAR visited BBPS SOLAN ACTIVITY CENTRE from Oct 17 to Oct 20, 22. The students actively participated in the entire spectrum of activities like rope climbing, Burma Bridge, swing ladder, seven steps, wall climbing, fly fox, net climbing, mountain trekking, etc. It was a good experience for it was experiential learning for them. The students took part in group activities and developed interpersonal skills.

It was a fulfilling experience as the students took part in group activities and developed interpersonal skills.











36 boys of class XI along with two teachers visited BBPS Solan activity centre from 14th – 17th October, 2022. The students actively participated in a plethora of activities like Burma bridge, swing ladder, seven steps, wall climbing and other recreational activities.

It was a good experience for experiential learning as the students took part in group activities and developed interpersonal skills.










 NAME OF ACTIVITY:      Educational Excursion to Nainital

 DAY & DATE:                     Saturday, 1st October 2022 to Tuesday,4th October 2022

 CLASSES:                            VIII to X


Bal Bharati Public School organized a three-day long trip to Nainital for the students of classes VIII, IX, and X. It was a fun-filled and joyful trip away from school. The students enjoyed the cool weather of Nainital as it was a relief to them from the scorching heat of the summer.


On their arrival in the morning, the students enjoyed a mesmerizing scenic view of the hills of Nainital. The thrill of going boating on the Naini lake cannot be described in words. It was followed by a visit to the Naina Devi temple. The day ended with the bonfire night accompanied by light music.

On the second day, the excitement and joy of going through the dark caves in the Cave garden were beyond match. It was followed by the Himalaya Darshan. The point gave a breathtaking and panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges. Also, the students got a chance to view Naini Lake from Mango Lake View Point. Followed by this, they visited Khurpa Tal Lake View Point and admired the picturesque beauty of the point.


The bonfire and the DJ night at Nainital helped to bring the spirit of companionship and friendship to the fore. The trip was well-planned and a big success. The students as well as the parents appreciated the efforts of the school.






Field trips give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment and provide alternative educational opportunities to children.

An educational and experiential learning trip was organised for the Pre School and Pre  Primary students on Thursday, 25th August 2022 for the screening of the movie Super Pets.

Students learnt to be confident and self-disciplined. They enjoyed the movie.




NAME OF MOVIE: Jurassic world: Dominion

DAY & DATE: Monday, 29th August 2022

VENUE:   Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad


The students went for a movie show, Jurassic world: Dominion on Monday, 29th August 2022. A total 390 students were accompanied by a teacher escort. The students enjoyed the movie and learned about the world’s deadliest creature through the movie.





DAY & DATE: Tuesday, 23rd August 2022

VENUE:   Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad


The students went for the Movie Show Super Pets on Tuesday, 23rd August 2022 and Thursday, 25th August 2022 respectively. A total strength of 603 students were accompanied by a teacher escort. The students really enjoyed and learned a lot from this educative movie.






VENUE:   Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad.


Rocketry: Rocketry is a movie based on the life of Indian Space Research Organization scientist Dr. Nambi Narayanan. The biopic was a great inspiration to the students and was about how he recovered from the charge of treason. He was also conferred with the Padma Bhushan award by the Government of India for developing Vikas (Rocket Engine).


  • This visit to watch a movie gave students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates and enjoy away from the daily routine.




Day & Date : Friday, 26th August, 2022

Classes - VI-VIII

A movie show was organized for the students of classes VI, VII and VIII on 26th August, 2022. The students really enjoyed the movie – Rocketry at U S Cinemas, Indirapuram and Mahagun Mall, Vaishali. The biopic was a great inspiration for the students and was about how one of India's famous rocket scientists, Nambi Narayanan, recovered from the charge of treason and what he achieved after that. Students were also served popcorns and cold drinks during the movie. Students enjoyed thoroughly and it was a great learning experience as well for them.