Inclusive Education

Individuals with Learning Disabilities are educated in the mainstream class with their peers it is imperative that the regular classroom teachers should have strategies and skills that will help them to achieve inclusion for these students. There are many simple accommodations and modifications that they can make within their classrooms in order to let these students access the curriculum. When teachers put into practice these strategies, true inclusion becomes possible, because simply allowing the students to sit in the classroom is not inclusion. Inclusion is all about making the curriculum accessible to the students as far as possible, leading to the enhancement of the skills.

It is a word which expresses commitment to educate each child to the maximum extent appropriate, in the school and class room he or she would otherwise attend.

We, at Bal Bharati , have a full fledged team comprising of two full time Special Educators and a counsellor who work for the students with special needs and the students with counselling needs. They work as a team with the parents, teachers and the students for making up the discrepancies they have.