Incentives for outstanding sports person

Incentives for outstanding sports person

Scholarships/Academic Concessions for Sports Students

Students devoting, school and off school time to sports activities and attaining a minimum standard set by School’s Sports Council will be considered for Scholarships / academic concession provided the coach / sports teacher recommends the case very strongly along with supporting results and achievements.

  • Badge will be awarded to the school team captains.
  • The following criteria will be followed for recognizing the sports students.


 Level Organised by Achievement Recognition
 Zonal/ Dist. Drat of Edu./dist. Authority State Associations 1st Position Sports Colour +1 Star
 Int. Zone/ State Drte. of Edu./dist. Authority State Associations1st Position

2nd Position

Sports Colour +3 Stars
Sports Colour +2 Stars
 National Central Board of Secondary Education1st PositionSports Colour +3 Stars 100% indv. Or 50% team of 4-6 25% above 6 15 Mks.
 Do Do2nd PositionSports Colour +3 Stars 10 Mks.
 National School Games Federation of India Participation Sports Colour +3 Stars + track suits(for all) 10 Mks.
 National School Games Federation of India Open Nationals Bronze Medal Sports Colour +4 Stars+ 50% Fee Concession in tuition fee or 25% team 15 Mks.
 National School Games Federation of India Open Nationals Silver Medal Sports Colour + 5 Stars+ 75% Fee Concession in  tuition fee or 50% team 20 Mks.
 National School Games Federation of India Open Nationals Gold Medal Sports Colour + 6 Stars+ 100% Fee Concession in tuition fee or 50% team. Diet Allowance Rs. 10,000/-


The above criteria applies to the following mentioned games:

1.Athletics   2.Badminton   3.Basketball   4.Chess    5. Cricket   6.Hockey    7.Horse- Riding     8.Golf     9.Karate    10.Skating   11.Swimming   12.Table Tennis   13.Volley Ball    14.Netball    15.Or any other  apprd.  By SC.

For Tennis:

LevelOrganised by AchievementRecognition
 National Central Board of Secondary Education 1st Position Sports Colour +2 Stars 100% fee concession (all sports Colour + 3 stars) 20 Mks.
 National School Games Federation of India  Participation Sports Colour +3 Stars 10 Mks.
 National All India Tennis Association Rank 76-100 Sports Colour +4 Stars + 25% Fees Concession in Tuition fees 15 Mks.
 National All India Tennis Association Rank 51-75 Sports Colour +5 Stars + 50% Fees Concession in Tuition fees 20 Mks.
 National All India Tennis Association Rank 1-50 Sports Colour +6 Stars + 100% Fees Concession in Tuition fees 20 Mks.
 InternationalInternational Tennis Federation Asian Jr. ranking  Participation Sports Colour +7 Stars + 100% Fees Concession in Tuition fees 20 Mks.


  • On the basis of merit, Principal and School Sports Council decision shall be final and binding.
  • The Marks gained as concession due to the Sports achievement can be distributed to the maximum of three subjects for promotion to the next class.

If the student has secured Gold / 1st Position in the National Games both CBSE or Federation he/she will be given the subject of his / her choice in class XI provided he clears the class X (this is for the individual participant. In case of team participation the decision will be taken by the School Sports Council and the Principal)